How does the process work?
Please schedule an appointment at our NYC or Los Angeles location on our appointment page or email service@bombolinos.com. Your appointment will consist of complimentary full body measurements and consultation all free of charge. 
Fittings take about one hour. We will use your full body measurements to create a free bespoke first fitting. See how you look and feel, we will make all necessary adjustments to both fit and style. 
Your bespoke fit is saved and you can now order both online and in person. You can make changes to your fit or make an entirely new fit. 
What if I don't like the fit or style of the try on suit?
We will make adjustments to the fit and style free of charge.
If you think our version of custom suiting is not for you - there is absolutely no pressure for you to buy. We do not take any form of payment to show you your custom try on suit. 
Should I wait till I am at my ideal weight?
If you are in the process of losing or gaining more than 25 pounds then you can get measured now. A normal 5-10 pounds of weight fluctuation is very normal and will commonly mean a little bit of tailoring to the waistband of your trouser and the waist of the jacket. Your height and posture are the most important portions in getting correct on a beautiful suit or shirt and that will stay the same regardless of your weight variability, so come get measured and enjoy dessert as well. 
I want to change a few things to the jacket/trouser finish after my order- is that possible?
E-mail us as soon after your order and we will confirm the changes you would like to have made. Changes will not be possible after a garment has been cut which is about 3 days after your order.
When will I get my clothes?
The normal time to receive a shirt is 4-5 weeks and 4-8 weeks for trousers, jackets, and suits. There can be occasional small delays due to holidays or fabric shortages. 
Do you make clothes faster than 4-5 weeks?
It can be done. Let us know your time frame and we'll let you know if we can accommodate.
I don't live in New York City or Los Angeles but I want to try Bombolinos.
We travel! Let us know where you are and we will do our best to include your city the next time we're on the move.