Does it fit? & Is the style for me

These are two questions that are easily answered when trying on clothes in the store. 

Bespoke and other custom made items are almost impossible to see and feel before you buy - Bombolinos fixes this problem. 

  • We make every customer a custom made fitting before paying a single penny. At Bombolinos seeing the fit and the style first is all 100% free of charge. 
  • Once you approve of your bespoke fit - your unique fit is saved and used on every new item you purchase. 
  • Our website is designed to help minimize the second most common complaint with custom made clothing; uncertainty when choosing a fabric. We make a garment, accompanied with pictures, to show you what the finished piece will be. 


Inside The Barbershop Club at The Hotel Normandie
3610 W. 6th St. 
Los Angeles, CA 90020
-By Appointment Only-